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Review X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

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X Acto Sharpx Performance Electric Pencil Sharpener

A designer definitely needs a product to make the design look so perfect, giving it more points in terms of what it needs. Here are some assessments from buyers who use pencil drawing tools, this tool has some hole criteria that can be adjusted with the size of the pencil type, with an electric and simple style, then you do not need hard to mention to shrink your pencil. There is a light indicator that tells us that the draw process is over. Here’s an assessment of these users:

I’m a teache. This year I’m required to have a supply of sharpened pencils available for students all the time (Students trade an un-sharpened pencil for a sharp one). So, I will be doing a lot of sharpening as will my fellow teachers. I decided to buy 3 electric sharpeners to compare (and to share with other teachers at school). I bought this X-Acto Teacher Pro Electric for $29.99, the Tatji Classroom Heavy Duty for $35.99 and the Avalon Titanium Blade Fully Automatic Heavy Duty for $49.99. Using only wooden #2 pencils, I found that all three work nicely and quickly produce a sharp point. However, there are 5 ways in which this X-Acto Sharpener stands out as my FAVORITE and the BEST: It is super- quiet!, it is able to sharpen multiple thicknesses of pencils, it has a large-capacity compartment for shavings, it has a blue light that comes on when the pencil is sharp and it stops sharpening (so you don’t over sharpen and waste pencil) (awesome!) and best of all, it’s the lowest priced of the three! The second best sharpener, in my opinion, is the Avalon, but man! It’s loud! It is cool the way it takes the pencil down, sharpens it, then pops it back up, but it costs much more and is loud. The Tatji is least impressive compared to these other two, but does work — seems better for just at home use. The one thing I cannot judge yet is which will last longest. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. I hope this has been helpful. 🙂 – from a customer

*Genuine Quality. It Sharpens Quietly And Quickly. It Doesn’t Get Hot Or Tired. And It Never, Ever Talks Back.
* I’m A Business And Farm Manager. I Use Pencils All Day. Everyday. I Need Them To Be Sharp And Legible.
* This Sharpener Keeps Me In Business. Period. It Never, Ever, Fails Me.
* Here’s My Take: The X-ACTO TeacherPro, Is THE Premier Sharpener Of Sharpeners. It’s Superior To Any I Have Ever Used.
* It Sharpens Each Pencil Evenly. An Excellent ‘Point’ (pun).
* The 6 different Sized Slots Make It A Must Have For Everyone, From First Learners Pencils, Big Pencils, To Thin Precision For Artists.
* No Muss, No Fuss, I slipped my #2 pencil in the Third slot, heard a Slight Whir, Saw The Blue “Indicator” Light, (Above The Pencil Hole), And Noticed The Motor Had Stopped (Excellent Feature). My Pencil Was Ready.
* The First Pencil I Sharpened Was Perfect In 1-2 seconds. And So Was The 2nd And The 100th Pencil.
* It Has A 6 ft. Cord, Holds 3 cups Of Shavings in the Receptacle (I Measured), Non-Skid Feet, & Smart Stop When Sharp, And Also When The Tray Is Removed.
* It’s 9.1 x 8.6 x 6 inches. I placed a Soda Next to it for Reference (See Pic). It’s Bigger Than the one I replaced. To Be Honest It’s Like Comparing a Snail To a Cheetah.
* It Has A 10 Year Replacement Warranty For Any Issue. (Amazon Should Be Able To Retrieve The Receipt).
* My Daughter Teaches Middle School Science. After I got mine, I ordered One For Her Lab. She’s Impressed. Sorry Students, No More Excuses For Standing In Line At The Sharpener. This Baby Is Like Lightening.
* If you have any questions click my username and send me an email. I will answer you.

* Hope you found this review useful. – from another customer

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